Our solution unearths
the entire story.

Canvs Surveys uncovers consumer insights faster, more accurately, and more cost-effectively than any other process or tool.
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10 hours

average time saved per survey

5 minutes

average time to upload, process, and analyze 10,000 open-ends


average labor efficiency improvement for Canvs clients

50 million+

open-ends processed in the last 6 months


Patented AI and Machine Learning Technology
World’s Largest Emotional Database
Deep Knowledge & Expertise Regarding Survey Research

How it Works


Simply upload a spreadsheet into Canvs Surveys. Then, click the column or columns that contain your open ends.

Sit back and relax while our patented AI technology instantly performs both sentiment and topical analysis.
Piece of cake, right?


Here’s where you get to have fun.

We’ve analyzed your open-ends and generated an intuitive dashboard, which includes a smart tree map and custom highlights to tell you what your respondents are saying and how they feel.

Go ahead, get in there! Play around!


After you’ve tweaked and edited your data to fit your specific research needs, you can export your data as a spreadsheet.

If you really want to show off, you can also export your results in an easy-to-read, presentation-ready report.


Canvs Surveys generates consistent and continuous topical and sentiment analysis so that you can compare multiple surveys.

Use this information to spot trends, identify what is (or isn’t) working, and establish business norms.

Who knew analyzing open-ends and gaining real insights could be so easy? 


Flexible Editing

Add, remove, or reclassify whatever Topics and Emotions you’d like in order to have a complete analysis.

Filter Groups

View a spread of closed-ended properties along with our Topics and Emotions to uncover insights.

Verbatims Filter & Search

Search for, read through, and filter verbatims with complete flexibility.
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Illuminate New Opportunities

Open-ends are the most powerful tool to understand respondents一 but it’s often hard to spot the patterns among the data. Use Canvs to explore results from multiple angles and segmentations to find the stories that only open-ended responses can tell.

Eliminate Subjective Bias

No matter how well-trained and disciplined, human readers show subjectivity and inconsistency. Our tool allows you to analyze responses with a transparent and defensible methodology every time.

Accelerate Processing Time

Even the most basic open-ends require a human reader to process them, which is slow and tedious. Canvs Surveys allows you to analyze messy spreadsheets in seconds and get that much closer to finding your answers.

Open up a world of open-ends.

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