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Consumer Electronics

In a highly consolidated industry like Consumer Electronics, which is dominated by big international players that possess strong brand equity and extensive resources, market research is critical to success. To compete for a slice of the pie, brands leverage Canvs Surveys to explore niche segments, craft messaging, and optimize product offerings.

Media & Entertainment

With over 500 new TV series and 1,000s of new movies airing each year, competition for viewers is fierce. The shows that win have one thing in common – they create intense emotional connections with viewers. Canvs Surveys helps TV networks and entertainment companies to increase the speed and accuracy of their testing, even at the breakneck speed and scale of TV’s pilot test season.

Food & Beverage

The industry spends billions per year on research to uncover the latest food and beverage trends, test new products, reduce time to market, and mitigate risk at every stage. Open ended questions play a key role in getting at the feelings, attitudes, and preferences that drive consumer choices in the grocery store. Canvs helps researchers to increase the ROI of this quantitative research by making surveys faster, more accurate, and more dynamic.


In the ultra-competitive airline industry, positive consumer experience is one of the leading predictors of brand loyalty. Even more than in other categories, customers who have a positive experience are highly likely to remain loyal. Conversely, those who have a negative service experience don’t return. Using Canvs Surveys, airlines can respond to customer feedback faster and more accurately, opening the door for improved consumer experiences.


Price point is no longer the sole concern of consumers. A multitude of factors influence retail purchase decisions, including brand differentiation, reputation, and customer-centric return policies. Using Canvs Surveys, brands can identify and respond to the factors that matter most – and glean insights that will guide their retail strategy.


Across the country, government organizations are under pressure to improve performance while also doing more with less. One proven response to this challenge is to increase employee engagement. Using tools like Canvs Surveys, governments find that they can conduct more effective employee research that accurately identifies sentiments and concerns in real time.

Financial Services

Leading financial institutions compete not only for customers, they compete for employees. Banks, credit unions, insurance companies, brokers, and financial advisors depend upon research to capture feedback, identify trends, and respond in real time. Canvs gives financial companies the power to measure employee sentiments quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

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